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Media LAPDOGS: Philadelphia Inquirer Says Biden 'Erroneously' Claimed Inflation Was 9% Twice in One Week

Journalism meme

Press Secretary KJP has been working overtime to cover up for Joe Biden's blatant lie that inflation was 9% when he came into office. It was an assertion he made twice in one week, despite the fact inflation was actually 1.4% when he took over.


But she's not alone. The rest of the media, ever loyal to the Biden administration, is also playing cover up for the president.

'Erroneously' is doing the heavy lifting here:

President Joe Biden erroneously said twice in one week that inflation was at 9% when he took office in 2021.

In reality, inflation stood at 1.4% when Biden assumed the presidency in January of 2021.

Biden made the false statements in interviews with CNN on May 8, and with Yahoo Finance on Wednesday.

"No president has had the run we've had in terms of creating jobs nad bringing down inflation," Biden told CNN. "It was 9% whe I cam to office, 9%."

The fact they admit that inflation was 1.4% is amazing. They're so close to doing actual journalism here.

But not quite.

That's the word.




Yep. He did.

It's what he does best.

We don't despise them nearly enough.

The media have a choice: Biden is a liar, or his mind is so far gone he can't remember basic facts.

Which will they choose?

And he'll keep lying.

Really is quite the spin, isn't it?


They'd cut his mic and end the debate so fast it'd make your head spin, but we'd love to see this.

Because no one says that.

Once is an error. Twice is a lie.

The media would fact check Trump's statements in real-time, but call this 'erroneous.'

If only.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

He lied. It's that simple.

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