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'Wouldn't Trust You to Run a Hot Dog Stand': J.K. Rowling SCHOOLS London Mayoral Candidate

Fuzzy Chimp

Zoë Garbett is running as the Green Party candidate for mayor of London. She (who unsurprisingly has pronouns in her bio) has an issue with the Cass Report, which we told you about here, as well as the ongoing misinformation campaign against it.


Garbett is squarely in the latter category, with straight up lies about the Cass Report and its implications.


It got the Community Note treatment, which reads:

The Cass Review does speak to the heart of this issue. It detailed the lack of evidence for cross-sex hormones and the need for more holistic care which addressed the reasons for the huge and recent rise in young people questioning their gender

Rowling, who has discussed the Cass Report and her hesitancy to transition gender-confused kids also chimed in on Garbett's lies:

Here's hoping Garbett doesn't win.

There's no reasoning with people like her.

She's a fundamentalist, and the trans issue is her religion.


Well said.

Good. Don't vote for that party -- they clearly hate women. And children.

Saying anything other than this is an article of faith.

Yep. That's the priority now.


Depressed and betrayed.

We checked her manifesto and it really didn't specify.


Just like a cult.

Nailed it.

Laughed out loud.


This is doing immense harm to kids.

Always amusing.

It always comes back to the binary, no matter how much they fight it.

Wise advice.

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