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Reduxx Has Disturbing Video of Girl Assaulted By Trans Classmate Who Says Teachers Did NOTHING to Stop It


What is going on in our schools? In the wake of the Biden administration absolutely gutting Title IX, girls from kindergarten to college are now subject to the whims of boys and men who 'identify' as female, and the results will be disastrous.


Take, for example, this girl from Pennbrook Middle School in Pennsylvania. She knew she was on the 'hit list' of a trans student, begged teachers for help, and they did nothing to stop an attack on another student.


Absolutely heartbreaking.

The entire post reads:


- The boy identifies as a girl named "Melanie."

- The boy had been permitted to use the female restrooms at the school.

- The boy had only recently been transferred into the school where the assault took place.

- The boy maintained a "hit list" of girls to assault.

- The school was well aware of the boy's violent tendencies, and reportedly had him solo-escorted into school every day.

- The victim was bludgeoned in the head repeatedly with a Stanley tumbler.

- School administrators had been warned repeatedly about the boy's violent tendencies, but appear to have never intervened.


Just incredible.

We'll probably find out he was transferred for violent behavior. Reminds us of what happened in Loudon County, VA a few years ago -- violent, student with history of assaulting classmates was moved from school to school.

Oh, look here:

More from WPVI-TV (emphasis added):

The parents say it all happened after the alleged attacker had been in the school for only three days as a new student. The student's first day was Monday. The incident happened on Wednesday.

"There were multiple parents who reached out about this child making threats," said Palovcak of the worries parents had over the course of two days, including students describing the suspected assailant as having a list of people to beat up.

"I believe the people working at the school are good people, they do the best they can," said Pekula. "My question is what happened between that warning and the attack"

Stefan Ross says his son went to the student's previous school.

"The person came out from the trees and brandished a knife on my son and his friend," he said of an incident that allegedly happened off school grounds.

In a letter to parents, Superintendent Todd Bauer, denies the student was transferred to this school after being expelled for violent behavior at another school.



According to that article the suspect faces charges including Felony 1 aggravated assault.


They don't hope it'll change their violent tendencies, they just hope people won't notice the pattern of behavior.

Excellent question.

Government and schools have no interest in protecting girls.

But 'toxic masculinity' is the problem here.

Or something.

Listen to this girl's voice, the hurt and the tears and the trauma.

And the Left doesn't care. She's just a sacrificial lamb on the altar of gender ideology.


A huge red flag.

And the Left tells us to ignore those red flags lest we be 'discriminatory' and 'bigoted.'

Yes. Save the girls.

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