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'Luxury Beliefs, Luxury Lives': Arrested Columbia University Students Are Rich, Privileged Kids


Here's a total non-shocker: the Columbia students arrested following this week's pro-Hamas protests are largely rich, privileged children.


We're not surprised. At all.

Here's more from The New York Post:

It takes privilege to protest at Columbia.

The 114 anti-Israel protesters who were busted at Columbia on Thursday include members of the upper crust: an intern for New York State Attorney General Letitia James — and the daughter of a prominent UPS executive who killed an elderly couple with her truck as a teenager and got off with a slap on the wrist.

A Post deep-dive into the backgrounds of the protesters shows many list multimillion-dollar mansions as their home addresses, according to sources, and come from wealthy and powerful families.

Many are students at Barnard College, Columbia University’s liberal arts sister school.

Others are career activists with multiple arrests under their belts.

Must be nice.



Crystal clear.

As if they'll get real jobs.

A very bad combination.


We're willing to rethink our position.

'Trustafarians' is just perfect.

Without fail.


Yep. Ilhan Omar's daughter was suspended from Barnard for her involvement in this.


Nuts, indeed.

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