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SO MUCH TOLERANCE: Hilary Cass, Author of Landmark Trans Treatment Study Faces Threats


The Left is dangerous. Especially when you question their narrative.

Meet Hilary Cass -- she's the author of the Cass Study, a 'landmark review' into the treatment of 'transgender' kids.


It's not safe for Cass to travel on public transport anymore, because she dared to report that the treatment gender confused kids received was built on 'shaky foundations' and found 'no good evidence to support the global clinical practice of prescribing hormones to under-18s to pause puberty or transition to the opposite sex.'

J.K. Rowling posted about Cass's ongoing issues with both threats and deliberate misinformation being spread about her report:

Rowling knows how this game is played, because the Left hates her, too.

Remember when disinformation was a bad thing? So do we.


What happened to the 'follow the science' crowd?

Here's more from The Times:

Dr. Hilary Cass has criticised the spread of “disinformation” around her report, including from a Labour MP, as she revealed she had been told not to travel on public transport over safety fears.

In an interview with The Times, the paediatrician behind last week’s landmark review on the treatment of transgender children said that young people were being put “at risk” by the spread of false information.

Following publication of her 388-page report, figures including the Labour MP Dawn Butler repeated claims that Cass had not included 100 transgender studies in it.

Calling the assertion “completely wrong”, Cass said that it was “unforgivable” for people to undermine her report by spreading “straight disinformation”.

The physician, 66, who has spoken about the toxic debate around the issue, also revealed that she had been sent “vile” abusive emails and been given security advice to help keep her safe.

Just incredible stuff.

And they're threatening her for it.


Yes it is. A 'trans' teen was just arrested this week with a 129-page manifesto and plans to shoot up schools in Maryland.

Don't forget what happened in Nashville.

So weird.

Yes they are.

It is.

Just insane stuff.

Absolutely disgusting.


But they're so certain they're right about 'gender-affirming' care.

And in the UK, they'll put you in prison for using the wrong pronouns, but it doesn't seem authorities are in a rush to put those threatening Cass behind bars.

Wonder why.

Not really. We all know why.

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