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WATCH: Sanctuary City Denver Defunds Police, Fire to Aid Illegal Immigrants

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We've written a bit about Denver, Colorado and its ongoing sanctuary city insanity. Not only are hourly city employees facing layoffs to fund illegal immigrants, they cut services at the DMV and parks & rec departments.


Now they've cut $8.4 million from the police so those funds can go -- once again -- to illegal immigrants.


When do the citizens of Denver say enough is enough?

You get the government you vote for.

Sometimes good and hard.

Apparently it's not painful enough for Colorado residents to do anything yet.

So your house can be robbed or burned to the ground, and your tax dollars won't provide you services like police or fire response.

Sure feels that way.

We're sure it'll be fine. Just fine.


A major burden.

Yes, you do.

Americans are last under Democrat rule.

Unless it comes to paying taxes; then we're first in line to get fleeced.

In Denver, aggravated assaults have doubled since 2012 and homicides have tripled. 

So cutting $8 million from the police budget seems a wise move.



There's a breaking point, and it's amazing we haven't reached it yet.

Staggering is an understatement.

Vote accordingly, indeed.

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