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Priorities: Judge Rules Ontario Man Can Use Public Funding for BIZARRE 'Gender Affirming' Surgery

Meme screenshot

Ah, Canada. When they're not trying to force 'Minority Report' style hate-speech laws on people, they're using MAiD to euthanize the poor, mentally ill, and military veterans.


They may not have enough money to pay for your cancer treatment (but they'll gladly refer you to MAiD, no worries), but they have the funding to pay for gender-affirming surgeries.

That -- in and of itself -- is not a surprise. It's Canada, after all.

But the devil is, as they say, in the details. 

From CP24 (emphasis added):

An Ontario resident has successfully secured public funding for a specialized gender-affirming surgery argued to be "experimental" by the provincial health insurer following a years-long legal battle.

The prospective patient, identified only as K.S. in documents filed with the provincial Health Services Appeal and Review Board (HSARB), was seeking coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for a penile-preserving vaginoplasty, a procedure in which a vaginal cavity is surgically created while keeping the penis intact.

Since 2023, K.S. has been engaged in a series of appeals to the review board following an initial denial by OHIP to cover the surgery. On April 10, a final appeal launched by OHIP was dismissed by the Divisional Court of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.


So this patient gets to keep his penis and get a vagina, all courtesy of Canadian taxpayers.

Oh, but it is.

Maybe if you identified as blind, they'd have covered it.

Of course.

When the government pays for your health care, they get to choose who wins and who loses.

Exactly? Why treat cancer? MAiD is there.

Sex changes are much more important.


By design. It saves the government money.

Must be nice.

Imagine how many cancer patients $500k could treat.

There is no limits to their insanity.

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