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The Wall Street Journal Continues the Media Spin on Biden's Economy and NO ONE Buys It

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The Biden administration keeps gaslighting the American people on the economy. Biden himself says Americans would feel better if the media just did a better job with messaging. But would it? The reality for a lot of Americans is the economy is not good, and not getting better any time soon.


Enter The Wall Street Journal. It's their turn to carry water for the administration.

They call it 'disconnect', we call it 'reality.'

The WSJ writes:

Clayton Wiles, a truck driver in North Carolina, earns about 20% more than three years ago. Kristine Funck, a nurse in Ohio, has won steady pay raises, built retirement savings and owns her home. Alfredo Arguello, who opened a restaurant outside Nashville when the pandemic hit, now owns a second one and employs close to 50 people.

But ask any of them about the state of the American economy, and the same gloominess surfaces. “Unstable” is how Arguello describes it. Said Funck: “Even though I’m OK right now, there’s a sense it could all go away in a second.”  

There’s a striking disconnect between the widely shared pessimism among Americans and measures that show the economy is actually robust. Consumers are spending briskly—behavior that suggests optimism, not retrenchment. Inflation has tempered. Unemployment has been below 4% for 24 straight months, the longest such stretch since the 1960s.

The disconnect has puzzled economists, investors and business owners. But press Americans harder, and the immediate economy emerges as only one factor in the gloomy outlook. Americans feel sour about the economy, many say, because their long-term financial security feels fragile and vulnerable to wide-ranging social and political threats.


Once more for the people in the back: just because inflation is 'tempered' doesn't mean things are less expensive.

It's the same logic the media use when a budget doesn't have quite as big an increase from one year to the next. They call that a 'cut', and it's so dishonest.

This is a hugh part of it.

We all know now that the government can -- and will -- take this all away from us in the name of 'public safety' in the next 'emergency.' And the journalists who can work from home don't care. Their jobs are secure. Mostly.

And the media are largely insulated from this.

Must be nice.

But Biden tells us his 'bottom up, middle out' economic plan is working!


And inflation is still twice as bad as it was before Biden.

Things are fine. Just fine.

That's pretty much the plan.

Gaslight, gaslight, gaslight.

All of this.

Because it's not doing well.


But Biden is in charge. He's 'healing the soul of the nation' or something.

No, it's because things aren't good.

And that's the problem. 

There is a lot of pessimism. And it won't be changing any time soon, we guess.


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