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'Maybe He Can't Handle It': Reporter ALMOST Gets It When Discussing Biden Skipping Super Bowl Interview

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

What's this?

A Bloomberg reporter is this close to connecting the dots over news Biden will be skipping a Super Bowl halftime interview.


Truth in reporting, for a change.

More from FoxNews:

A Bloomberg senior reporter recently wondered if President Biden is skipping the traditional network news Super Bowl interview this coming Sunday because he "can’t handle it."

During a segment on "CNN This Morning" Tuesday, Bloomberg senior Washington correspondent Salena Mohsin claimed it is "telling" that Biden is skipping the annual presidential Super Bowl interview ahead of the big game, something, she said, he’s "expected to do."

Mohsin wondered if it’s because Biden or his handlers are worried about the president not being able to answer questions or fumbling his responses during a live interview in front of one of the largest TV audiences possible.

A justified worry.

Biden flubbed a very easy interview with Ryan Seacrest on New Year's Eve. We wrote about it, and it was all the levels of cringe and embarrassment.

And given his ongoing gaffes, keeping him away from the big game is probably wise.

But it would be nice if the media started asking why Biden behaves the way he does.

That's literally their job.


Yeah, 'maybe' is being kind.

He can't.

Three minutes of footage is even a stretch. Have you seen him speak publicly?

And 2024 will be a repeat of that.

It's so obvious he's unwell.

And yet they'll champion him for another term in office.

Would not surprise us at all.

He'd even tell us about the time he gave Vince Lombardi advice before the Ice Bowl.


Fired for doing her job. Would not surprise us.

Others point out this is a sign of things to come. Lucky us.

More from The Daily Caller:

“And he just did the interview with Scott Pelley less than a year ago for ’60 Minutes.’ Do you have any sense of why no on this one at such a crucial moment?” CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked.

“I have no idea. I mean, just look at that clip we just saw. If he is not able to follow the questions, if his staff is worried that he can connect the dots and find the word that he’s looking for, that’s a problem,” Mohsin said.


Millions of people will watch the Super Bowl. For someone who says Americans wouldn't be so sour on the economy if he could just get his message across, this is a BIG missed opportunity.

But it'll do more harm than good.

2020 Part Deux.

Worst. Sequel. Ever.


You're not alone.

It is embarrassing.

How can he handle another term if he can't answer questions from friendly media outlets?


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