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Your Media, Ladies & Gentlemen: ABC News Describes Insurrection-y Pro-Palestinian Protest As 'Passionate'

Journalism meme

Over the weekend, we saw a very large, very insurrection-y pro-Palestinian protest descend on Washington, D.C. They're calling for an Israeli ceasefire and criticizing the Biden administration for being 'pro-genocide'.


The protesters allegedly threw things at the Secret Service agents, tried to scale the White House fence, and vandalized the walls around the White House as well as several statues. 

We all know what this would be called if the protesters wore red hats, right?

But never fear, our intrepid media has come up with a new euphemism to replace 'mostly peaceful':

'Passionate protests.'

Bruce had no issue referring to January 6 as an 'insurrection', though. From ABC News chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce:

It really is a 'heads we win, tails you lose' mentality.

Anything the Left does is somehow justified. But the right is always violent and a threat to democracy; even their speech is violent.

Go back to 2013, when the Tea Party (which did nothing near what we saw in D.C. over the weekend) was the biggest threat to America, and 'dangerous.' 

Heck, the Biden administration won't even classify the rampant antisemitic threats on college campuses and in major cities as domestic terrorism. That title is reserved for parents, Catholics, and fitness buffs.


So of course these protests are 'passionate.' And no one got shot in the face or arrested, and no one will be sent to prison for decades.

You do not.

Time to rebrand insurrections, we guess.

And calling Biden genocidal, but who's keeping track?

Absolutely not. It would be a terror attack, an undermining of the fundamental rights of women, etc. etc.

'Threat to democracy', 'violent insurrection', 'riot', 'domestic terrorism.' The list could go on, but you get the point.

It's never an insurrection when the Left does it.


So passionate.

Hey, 'peaceful' and 'passionate' begin with the same letter, so it was easier to find.

They're about as subtle as a Sherman tank.

Just all sorts of passiona.

Nailed it.

No, we are not. Not in the slightest.

Well played.



Oh, totally the same. We're sure.

Isn't it totally weird? And by weird we mean completely predictable.


But as we're fond of saying, this is (D)ifferent.

The Left is, once again, playing Calvinball here.

The media sucks.

We giggled, because if we don't laugh at the absurdity of it all, we'll cry.


So stunning and brave.

There is no lengths the media won't go to to justify the Left and their violent, dangerous, threatening behavior. None.

Just watch and see: there is going to be a pro-Israel rally in D.C. on 11/14. Place your bets now for how the media covers that event. We're going to guess 'passionate' isn't the adjective they'll use.


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