As Twitchy reported here and here, progressive talk show host David Pakman tweeted, and then deleted, this utterly vile and tone-deaf tweet suggesting that Covenant school students were not “praying enough, or correctly”:

He went on to make an explainer video about what he really meant, and it’s…well, see for yourself:

Nobody is angrier at your grossly insensitive tweet than they are about the senseless slaughter of innocents, David. They’re angry that you took this opportunity to make a terrible statement about a grieving community that just suffered a tremendous loss through no fault of their own.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I would never blame the victims of a mass shooting for that mass shooting” is a great line, except for the part where that’s exactly what he did with his tweet. When people send thoughts and prayers after a tragedy, it’s for comfort and hope for those affected by it.


That would be the right thing to do but we’re not holding our breath over here.



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