By now we’ve all heard that the Senate Democrats have managed to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. As expected, various members of the Democrat party are crowing about this “victory” but it seems they may be a bit conflicted about which issues this act was supposed to fix.

Someone definitely missed the memo, but we’re not entirely sure who. Biden’s handlers seem to have finally keyed in on the reality that most American citizens are more concerned about immediate needs such as food on the table and gas in the car. The climate-change alarmist wing of the party seems to have a far different emphasis on what the act is meant to do.

So which one is it, Dems?

All signs point to yes.

Senator Schatz is pretty clear on the issue:

Ah yes, those evil billion-dollar corporations will finally pay their “fair share”. Never mind that the addition of 80,000 IRS agents will most likely result in middle class Americans being subjected to greater tax scrutiny.

He did add this as an afterthought:

Oh, okay good thanks for that, we were wondering when a bill named after reducing inflation would actually get around to doing something that actually benefits Americans financially.

We’re definitely not buying that last line, though.