Buying Twitter is thirsty work, and Elon Musk has the solution:

Musk has been sharing some of his more serious thoughts on his Twitter acquisition, and while those are enjoyable, it’s always fun when he unleashes his puckish sense of humor and finely-honed trolling skills. Over the last few days, he’s had every possible slur and accusation of devious motives thrown at him and this zinger is the perfect way to show that he’s not only unbothered but that he can laugh about it.

And the Musk followers do not disappoint with their replies:

Funny, and yea, probably dead-accurate given how the MSM has reacted to the news of the purchase.

The media having a serious meltdown over a billionaire who so believes in free speech that he spent tens of billions on Twitter is just so 2022.


This is actually a rather sweet suggestion.

Now there’s a thought!

Heh. That about sums it up.

A+ for snark, Elon.



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