Jenna Ellis, a former senior legal advisor to President Donald Trump, has been rather busy lately advocating her support for Disney in their perceived tug-of-war with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the vastly (and deliberately) mischaracterized Parental Rights in Education Bill.

Ellis feels that DeSantis is engaging in unconstitutional behavior by signing into law a bill that revokes Disney’s special district status. So strongly, in fact, that she tweeted the following:

It’s interesting to note Ellis’s offer is not being received entirely in the good faith it’s assumed she offered it in, and who’s picking up on it:

Could be.

Calling someone an idiot definitely muddies the waters over this observation but the point still stands. Why is Jenna Ellis going to the mat for Disney? Could she really be test-running attacks for Trump? Or is she looking for attention?

Maybe she just doesn’t like it when Republicans finally fight back.

If Ellis has a problem, she should read this from Jesse Kelly:

Probably safe to say they don’t exactly have a plan.

He left out, ‘How dare you?’ ‘You’re not a true conservative!’

And a good dose of finger-wagging.

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