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Iowahawk Nominates Kim Iverson for the ‘Metaphors Gone Wrong Hall of Fame’ For Israel/Nazi Comparison

Are we the baddies meme

There are hot takes on the war in Gaza, and then there is whatever the hell this entire thread is:


Sadly, she goes on and gets the Community Note treatment:

Previously, she gave us a hot take where basically she wishes suffering on innocent people who are related to people who disagree with her on abortion. But this take is so morally blinkered, we don’t know where to begin.

First, does she think people actually say, ‘sure, the Nazis murdered random jews, but at least when they did so, they did it with surgical precision?’ Does her peer group spend their days contemplating the positive side of Nazi Germany?

Second, unlike Hamass, the German soldiers in World War II generally didn’t intentionally surround themselves with civilians as human shields. We’re sure there were exceptions, but generally this wasn’t what the Nazis did while with Hamass, honoring the rules of warfare is the exception and not the rule. We’re not saying that the Nazis were good—there is a good reason why ‘Nazi’ is basically shorthand for ‘evil’ in our culture—we're just saying as evil as the Nazis were, in many ways Hamass is worse, a fact masked by the reality that Hamass is less successful in carrying out its genocidal desires.

Of course, these Hamass apologists never recognize (or want to admit) the incentives they are creating with this kind of discourse. If a terrorist deliberately surrounds himself with innocent civilians so that it is almost impossible to stop the terrorist without harming innocents, this author then blames the terrorist for any innocent deaths that occurs, not the people trying to stop him or her. But the Kim Iversons of the world blame the people trying to stop the terrorists.


Seriously, does Iverson want the terrorists to engage in this sort of behavior? Because she is rewarding them for doing it and telling the next terrorists that she will reward them, too. If you were a Hamass terrorist, and you didn’t care about innocent civilians being murdered on either side of the conflict, you would see nothing but benefits in surrounding yourself with innocent civilians. On one hand, your enemies might hesitate to try to kill you. On the other hand, if any civilians die, the Kim Iversons of the world will blame the people who tried to stop the terrorist, not the terrorist who chose to endanger them. But if everyone condemned the terrorist and no one else for such deaths, you reduce a great deal of the incentive to engage in this behavior.

The left loves to accuse conservatives of being stochastic terrorists, of basically using their freedom of expression to encourage violence, but walk right past the way they encourage Hamass to act like inhuman monsters. Indeed, the bizarre wellspring of support Hamass has enjoyed since October 7 tells those Hamass animals that all of the cruelty they have engaged in on that day and thereafter was beneficial to their cause. 

And not for nothing, but many of the so-called innocent civilians are nothing of the sort. Oli London makes this point in this post about the raid that freed four Israeli hostages:


The whole thread is worth reading, but we want to focus just on this post for now. The cut off text reads:

Dr. Ahmed Al-Jamal, a physician, and his son Abdallah Aljamal, an Al Jazeera journalist, held Noa Argamni hostage in their home for 8 months. 

They subjected her to horrific psychological abuse and kept her locked up in a child’s bedroom for 245 days. 

They were killed during the rescue mission as they attempted to prevent IDF soldiers rescuing the young woman they had held captive. 

Abdallah Aljamal worked as a journalist for Al Jazeera and the Palestine Chronicle, a U.S. registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Over the past 8 months, while he kept Noa hostage, he continued to publish articles online about the so called ‘injustice’ of the Gaza war, with articles highly critical of Israel and sympathetic to Palestinian terror groups.

Putting aside what this tells us about the quality of ‘journalism’ coming out of Gaza, if you are helping terrorists keep a person as a hostage, you are not a civilian. You are a combatant—albeit a dishonorable one—and fair game in any attempt to rescue that hostage. We have seen an epidemic of people claiming that people who clearly took up arms or otherwise carried out practical actions in support of Hamass like holding people hostage, get labeled by the pro-Hamass crowd as civilians. They are not civilians by any logical definition of the term.

In any case, do we have to tell you she was dragged?


Lady, you need to learn the first rule of holes.

And deprive this 'rage curator' the opportunity to point and laugh at her? 

The cut off text reads:

Also, Nazis did worse things than what you’re describing.

The moment you start giving excuses for Nazis or draw false analogies that present them in better light — that’s when you know that you’re a full blown antisemite. If one day you or your loved ones will get abducted and tortured, let’s hope the good people will not come to the rescue because you are so sensitive to collateral damage.

We suspect she'd sing a different tune if she were taken hostage.

Because if they were smart, or at least wise, they wouldn’t hate the Jews?


We honestly haven’t paid enough attention to her to verify.

We appreciate that this guy is trying to talk her down, but it is a historical fact that not all rebellions or resistance movements are good. The most obvious example from our history was the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, where Southern Democrats resorted to terrorism because they didn’t want to see black people gain equal rights and opportunities (and to keep those evil Republicans out of the South).

Of course, it is not fair to compare Hamass to the KKK because you see the KKK hated the Jews (among others) for religious and racial reasons, they would wear masks while committing terrorism, they would target civilians, they enjoyed widespread support among Democrats and …  

… wait, why are they different from Hamass, again?

(Note: Sarcasm very much intended.)


The cut off text says:

Can you imagine if the USA and UK in WWII called every German telephone and dropped leaflets, warning them to leave for safety because they were going to invade Germany looking for the Nazi soldiers, SS, and Gestapo that were attacking them? Instead of using the humane tactics of Israel, the US and UK bombed entire cities: Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Essen, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kuri, and Tokyo.

We honestly think Israel is too nice in this war, but it does have the benefit of making it easier for its advocates to make arguments like this.

Wow. That is a body slam right there.

We all do.

We don't know if she is on cocaine, but if she isn't, it would probably be smart to say she was. It's literally the only thing that would start to offer an excuse for this nonsense. 


Considering that we recently covered a history book about the attack on Pearl Harbor that actually featured German aircraft on the cover … he might be onto something.


We are soooo stealing this meme.

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