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'Forget it, he’s rolling:' Twitter and Amazon reviewers mock a history book with a hilarious error

Bluto Meme

For something a little lighter, dear readers, can you see what is wrong with this book cover?

Well, if you are President Blutarsky, you feel vindicated:


Yes, those are German planes bombing Pearl Harbor. Yes, it is a real book.

No, it is not an alternate history book or something like that. It is listed on Amazon under ‘Teen & Young Adult 20th Century United States History.’ The back of the book, by Michael J. Clark, claims that the book was dedicated to his grandfather, Lester Lloyd Clark, who was injured at Pearl Harbor. It also states that ‘Had he of been mortally wounded I wouldn’t have a story to tell.’ That typo belongs to him. Also, they designate it a ‘#1 new release.’

Does this mean it is a best seller? Well, we have a theory we will share in a minute.

But first, let’s laugh about it. Amazon had some pretty funny reviews.

‘Paul H’ writes.

Get the inside story on how four German FW-190s breached US defenses in Pearl Harbor to deliver an until-now never known attack.

This author is a bit of a history geek, but admit we can't identify specific planes on sight. On the other hand, we know common German insignias.

‘Mike M’ writes:

I haven't read this book nor do I intend to. The cover shows planes with German Luftwaffe markings. There were no German planes at Pearl Harbor! Either the author either didn't check the cover or is ignorant himself of the difference. If he can't get his cover correct on a non-fiction book, then it isn't worth my time to read.

Monte Moore writes, in a review entitled ‘OMG:’


The cover art! You know what they say about 1st impressions. How could you put German markings on aircraft attacking Pearl Harbor? I will pass on this one.

We were tempted to write a quick, joking review, but it turns out that Amazon wouldn’t let us do so, writing

Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews.

Thus, if you didn’t buy the book from Amazon, you can’t review it. But you can ‘Report incorrect product information.’

Still, we wonder if that is why it is #1. Is it possible that people saw restrictions on reviews and then officially bought the book, planning to either cancel the order or to return it and get their money back, just so they could review it?

Either that or it is actually popular, and people are stupid. We report, you decide.

Meanwhile on Twitter/X, you don’t have to buy the book to drag it:

That’s President Blutarsky, Sir. 

Sir, that is called the Space Battleship Yamato it looks like this:

(If you get the joke and/or are a fan of Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers, the 2010 live action movie is a lot of fun.)


This even led to international strife:

We feel like we are getting off topic.

We think that is likely. One guy also believed AI might have been used more extensively:

Can't confirm...

Much better than Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor. But jokes aside, this author heartily recommends the 2019 Midway, which covers Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid and the titular battle and puts the Bay movie to shame.


We stand corrected.

The mockery even went multi-lingual:

Google says it translates from French to ‘Oops ! The intern again and again...’ We don't know how accurate these Google translations are, but it's still pretty funny.

And how many Pollocks does it take to mock this cover?

Translation from Polish to English:

There's probably a bigger graphical and publishing failure, but I can't imagine it ;-)

Of course, we don’t actually have prejudice about the polish people, but the joke was right there. We don't have the willpower to resist it.


I'm starting to suspect that the request for AI had some vulnerabilities ;-)



I think even today I saw the cover of ‘No Changes in the West’ on Twitter, in the English version, with a cowboy from the Wild West, apparently it's not fake

We are pretty sure the better translation for the title of the book is 'All Quiet on the Western front,’ and we have seen it, too:

And while this user claims it is a real cover, we have no way of knowing if he is right.

And for sharp-eyed readers, now you get why we were joking about Germans bombing Pearl Harbor earlier.

We are also faintly reminded of an actual attraction near Natural Bridge, Virginia, called ‘Dinosaur Kingdom II.’ It tells the totally true story, using statues that completely accurately depict the story of how an evil Yankee scientist used time travel to bring dinosaurs into the Civil War, and how it all went wrong for the North. Here’s one Tweet, genuinely loving the spirit of the place:

And here’s a video from Vice, where the interviewer is seems to be really trying hard to find a reason to be offended:


The worst mistake you could make is taking that place seriously, on any level. We think it looks like a good time. Pay $10, get some exercise and be amused by the joyful nonsense. That seems like a bargain to us.

As for Mr. Clark's book, probably his best defense is to pretend he is in on the joke. Good luck with that.


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