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WATCH: Harry Sisson hits a new low attacking Sarah Fields and the blowback is a sight to see

Screencap from Sarah Fields' Twitter/X

We will admit we haven’t plugged into the Harry Sisson bomb threat story very much. If the story is false, terrible on him and he should face the consequences. If his story is true, that’s awful, the person doing it should face appropriate consequences, but it seems to have very little in the way of larger implications. If he is trying to imply that the right is full of dangerous people, that is a pretty severe self-awareness fail.


(We checked and that is real.)

And we will add that even if there was a genuine bomb threat there is no guarantee that it was sent by anyone who dislikes Sisson. It could easily have been sent by someone who likes Sisson who wanted to create drama, to make Sisson look good, or for conservatives to look bad, or a combination of those goals. As the Lincoln Project proved, false flags happen and for that, we thank them. Every time someone says we are paranoid to point out that something might be a false flag, we will have that citation handy. Thank you, Lincoln Project!!!

But one person who has been on the alleged bomb threat story is Sarah Fields, aka @SarahisCensored on Twitter/x and as a result, she has been featured prominently in Twitchy’s coverage of Sisson’s bomb threat antics, here and here. And so inevitably, that led to this very immature young man lashing out.

Apparently, someone found some old criminal records related to her and decided that it was something to hold against her. She had pled guilty and went into pre-trial diversion over basically leaving her child alone for a while when it wasn’t safe to do so. The exact terms in the record says "ABANDON/ENDANGER CHILD W/ INTENT TO RETURN" and it refers to Texas Penal Code § 22.041(b), but that is what it really amounts to: You left your kid alone when you really shouldn’t have. There is no claim of injury, and this was literally about 10 years ago.

That was included in a post written by a fan of Sisson. The original account protected her Tweets/X account, but here’s a screencap:

Before she protected her account, Harry Sisson decided to come after Fieldsover it:

Right now, on our computer you can't see this but he doing a quote post of that post. We suppose now it is hidden because it is from a protected account, but that screencapped post is the post he was directing her to.

Now, before we go one step further, what on earth does this have to do with anything? It certainly had nothing to do with the Republican Debate. It also doesn’t seem to make it more likely that Sisson was telling the truth about his bomb threat story. In fact, it makes him look like a person very desperate to try to get Fields to stop digging. Even if this was absolute proof that one time, she was a bad mother … so what? If we were asking her to be a babysitter for our hypothetical kids we might care, but this says nothing about her journalism.


But it gets worse than that for Sisson. Much worse. Sarah made a video explaining what actually happened with these charges:

The video itself is what caught our eye and we suggest you watch all of it, even if some parts are hard to watch. You will see her tell an absolutely harrowing story. We obviously can’t confirm her story, but this author has worked with abused women in the past and her story is very plausible. We are not the kinds of people who call all cops bastards. In our opinion, most are pretty good people who do the job for the right reasons and literally risk their lives for our safety. But some cops really are bastards and if they are in an abusive relationship, the behavior she just described is sadly common. That doesn’t prove her story true. It just means it is sadly plausible.

We will add that a person pleading guilty and going into pre-trial diversion is not very impressive evidence of guilt. Think of it from Sarah’s perspective. Yes, she had to plead guilty. But it’s not an official finding of guilt and if she keeps her nose clean for two years, then she can go on living her life like it never happened. On the other hand, if she went to trial and lost, she might have ended up with an actual finding of guilt and true punishment. In this author’s experience, many innocent people will take that deal. That doesn’t prove she was innocent, either, but it makes us very open to the possibility that this was a miscarriage of justice like she claimed. For innocent people, it is very tempting to plead guilty under these circumstances.

And for what it is worth, our gut says she is telling the truth.

Also, you might be wondering what the full text of that post said. Here you go:

In the same fashion that Harry Sisson .handled. a bomb threat to his University, he and his buddies are trying to .handle. me, too. They are attempting to destroy me with an old document that they don’t understand from over 10 years ago. The trolls have inundated my feed. This is an attempt to distract you from the undeniable truth regarding the inconsistencies in Harry’s story. Or perhaps it’s to pull attention from NYU. If anything Harry said is true, it would mean that his University mishandled a bomb threat and placed hundreds of lives at risk. I’m exposing that and I will continue to do so. And they don’t like it. These are powerful people.  And this is what someone can expect when they go after the DNC, and any of their operatives. 

If Harry Sisson thought I was being too aggressive in my work of exposing him before, he and his buddies just woke a sleeping giant. 

I am going to DESTROY Harry.


Note to self: Stay on Sarah’s good side.

And back to that prior back-and-forth, this is how she responded when Sisson first brought up the charges:

Her full text reads:

FYI. This isn’t supposed to be public. It was taken out of my record years ago because of the surrounding circumstances….That YOU know nothing about.  

This was ten years ago. WOW Harry, You really do have some powerful people behind you, don’t you? You must really be bothered by me.  I shed a light on a part of you that you HATE.  

If anyone cares to know more, I knew that one day this would be dug up by the DNC. And this is how I know that I got under their skin.  

My abusive ex-husband was a dirty cop.  He was behind all of this.  And today, he sits in prison for sexually molesting and assaulting my daughter, who was 6 years old at the time. I fought for full custody of my children because I knew what kind of man he was, and this is what he did to me. I finally got justice just a couple of years ago. I have full custody of all of my children. And he sits in solitary confinement in a prison cell as a prior cop and pedophile.  This has nothing to do with what I do today. However, if ANYONE would like to interview me regarding this matter, I knew it was coming.  I’m an open book.   

Let’s go.  Let’s talk about the justice system and the judge who refused to listen to me when I cried in the courtroom and told them that he abused me and my children. Let’s talk about how hard he tried to bury me.  You want to open that can of worms? Let’s go.

Sisson denies he is paid by the DNC (and Community Notes has brilliantly cast doubt on the claim), but honestly, we would have more respect for him if he did. His fawning over the geriatric racist in the White House would be much less embarrassing if we knew it was an act. 

(By the way, anyone notice that he only denied being paid by specific people and organizations. He say no one was paying him.)

They go on:


Using decade old criminal records that have no bearing on the discussion seems kind of low to me. And her journalistic investigation into your claims is not harassment. Seriously, this very immature young man seems to have forgotten the first rule of holes.

Sarah’s whole post reads:

I literally don’t care about that account.  And that’s the difference between us.  

I pled guilty because at the time I was cornered with no one on my side.  I had no money and no representation. And a judge and a dirty cop/Ex against me.  

You want to know more Harry? You want my limb? My social? My personal life on display? Okay. I’ll leave the door open. 

Again, If anyone wants to interview me regarding this, let’s go. You’ve seen the receipts of my ex who is now in prison for harming my daughter. He’s the same one who got me in this kind of trouble and tried to take away my children over a decade ago. I was in a horrific abusive relationship. I don’t even look like the same person.  Because I’m not. 

I don’t owe you an explanation for something traumatic in my life that happened over ten years ago. So much healing and growth has happened since then.  And I have been given justice.  

You lied.   You lied before and you’re angry now. Because you have been called out and you’re desperate.  You’re so desperate, you’re bringing up things that happened when you were still 10 years old.  You think you can scare me? You think you can bury me? 

I’m not going to stop.  Nice try. I’ll be waiting on the results of my investigation.   But I won’t be responding to you anymore.  You’re a coward who stooped low to talk about a subject matter you know NOTHING about.

Here's Sisson’s full whiney response (we are really taking one for the team, here, giving you this whininess):


Nah nah you cannot begin to claim that I’m discussing a traumatic event when you have been claiming I’m lying about a bomb threat. 

A bomb threat was sent to me and you called me a liar. You harassed me and my school. The NYPD have acknowledged the existence of this document. NYU has acknowledged it happened on their website. People are calling campus safety and they’re being told it happened. But yet, you call me a liar.

Difference between me and you is that you’re a bad person and I’m not. I don’t claim you’re lying about trauma. I’d never stoop so low. You do. You did. You’re an awful person. You’re not journalist, you’re a fraud. You’re no reporter, you’re a liar. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’ve been debunked, and you continue and you won’t engage because the walls are coming crumbling down. Just you wait. There’s more on the threat that was made toward me that’s coming and you will be absolutely debunked and disproven.

And check the timestamp on that last post: 10:09 P.M. on September 27. At that date and time, he heard her side of the story. And here he is about two and a half hours later, going after her again:

Like … what is wrong with him? Is this like the Twitter/X version of drunk dialing? Does he not understand that he should take the L on this and move on from her criminal record? He thought he had the goods on her, but she spanked him and he’s still coming back for abuse.

Wait a minute. We seem to recall that we said something to Sisson that night … 

Oh, no … did we cause this? Did he take our advice, get drunk and then think it was a good idea to go after Sarah with this nonsense?

Jokes aside, Sarah wrote this on Thursday night:


The first post says:

My investigation on Harry Sisson is not going to stop. I’m continuing from other angles. Although the lies I have already exposed are damning enough. 

I’m being more quiet about what I’m doing, because I’m not going to allow him or his 'team' to get ahead of me.  

I have been inundated with lying trolls who show who they are in their profiles. If any of them have attacked you, I’m sorry.  They’re vile, disgusting people who do not care about the truth. They’re a bunch of echo chambers that have been activated by Harry and the people behind him, the DNC, and other operatives. I’ve provided a statement, and that’s more than they deserve. The statement was more meant for those who support me. 

Ignore them. Block them. Do not give them attention. I love y’all.  I will update when I have more results.

The second post says:

Notice that Harry isn’t responding anymore? It’s because he doesn’t have to.  The trolls are making up their own narrative about me and he is allowing them to inundate me.  They’re doing the work for him. This is what the sheeple do.  The democrat voters are mindless machine. They couldn’t care less about research and thinking for themselves.

So, she prefers that people ignore them. For our money, we think we should put them on blast. If you would like to see some of the people bothering her, we found this method to be helpful. Go into Twitter/X. Type the following terms into the search: '@sarahiscensored guilty.' Not every hit you get will be a troll. Some of them are trying to defend her, maybe saying something like 'she only pled guilty because the system was working against her.' But it’s a good way to find many of the people swarming her.

And isn’t all this funny? How many of these trolls would normally say 'All Cops Are Bastards' or just use the initials ACAB? What percentage of them would normally say that the patriarchy keeps women down, that our court system is designed to benefit men, or that we should 'believe all women?' We are betting most of them would claim they normally believe all or most of those things. But suddenly these people believe the system couldn’t possibly have worked against a woman when fighting against her police officer ex-husband. It’s almost as if who they believe is determined entirely by their political convenience.


In any case, they can go low but it is good to see that Sarah is undaunted.


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