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Tucker on X, Episode 23: Piles of Argentinian pesos


So, we are back with another episode of ‘Tucker on X,’ or TSFKA ‘Tucker on Twitter’ (The Show Formerly Known As ‘Tucker on Twitter’). This time it is simply a news story about the absolute state of the Argentine economy:


One thing to note is we consulted a friend who is kind of an expert in Japanese culture. There you often need tens of thousands of Japanese yen just to buy some fast food, because their currency is so devalued. He confirmed to me that you didn’t have to roll a wheel barrel to McDonalds just to have dinner. They made paper money with higher value, such as 10,000 yen notes. From what we read, you can’t even get a one yen note in Japan anymore. We wouldn’t be surprised if Argentina does something like that to cope, if they aren’t already.

And if you are wondering, we were alerted to this possibility because we like video games, including some that take place in modern Japan. Who said video games never taught you anything useful?

Also, his reference to Weimar Germany is on point and chilling. From what we understand, things were worse in Germany in the early 1930’s, so that many thought, ‘hey, let’s give Hitler and these Nazis a chance. Maybe they can fix things!’ We don’t think we have to explain how badly that turned out for so many people.

Also, we have mostly cooled off on the media story related to the very existence of this show, but something interesting happened with this episode. This time, he just created an ordinary segment of televised journalism. Previously, he has done episodes where he just did something like his usual opening monologue. Then he started doing interviews. And now he is doing ordinary televised journalism. You could see something very similar on 60 Minutes… or pretty much any normal Fox News ‘hard news’ program, though perhaps with the opinionated commentary toned down. So, what is left that he didn’t do back on his old Fox News show? Nothing that we can think of.


Our point is that we can’t imagine any scenario where this is not a breach of any rationally written noncompete provision of his contract, unless it somehow has a loophole that means the fact it is on X/Twitter shields it. Like maybe it prohibited him form being on TV and defined television in a way that excluded social media—something like that. So, if Fox News continues to apparently do nothing, it suggests either they can’t stop him, or they lack the willpower.

On to reactions:

That's pretty good.

What little we have seen of Milei is amusing, but … We are having a bit of a Pavlovian reaction to a foreign alleged conservative leader with weird hair …

… but maybe things will be different this time.

Clever. If Tucker is right, that million dollars might not be worth much. For instance, according to Google, 1,000,000 Argentinian pesos is currently worth a but over $2,800. So even if Tucker wins, he doesn’t lose as much as it sounds.


Except we would be lying if we didn’t admit both parties do it. We have trouble getting Washington to reduce the deficit—which would reduce the rate of increase of the debt—let alone actually reducing the debt.

And Ms. Green fell for a parody:

We won’t make fun too much. It happens to the best of us, and the only joke is tricking people into thinking he is the real Elon Musk. But we are pretty sure the guy never got Amber Heard to wear cosplay. So there.



We hope for good things for Argentina.


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