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‘I’m gonna be pissed': ‘Feminist’ bro loses it over Julia Pierson resignation

patriarchy is for dicks

“How wonderful it must be to go through life believing all your accomplishments are solely based on merit and not on having a penis.”

‘Hope she kicked their ass’! Is FLOTUS behind Julia Pierson’s resignation?

Michelle Obama pissed

We wouldn’t blame her one bit.

Later, alligator: Shamed Secret Service director Julia Pierson resigns

Julia Pierson

What took her so long? .@Stevenportnoy: BREAKING: @ABC has learned Julia Pierson is resigning as Director of the Secret Service. — Arlette Saenz (@ArletteSaenz) October 1, 2014 .@PressSec says Pierson offered resignation believing it was in best interests of the Secret Service. DHS Johnson accepted. POTUS agreed. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 1, 2014 Here's […]

One more what? Julianne Moore joins #NotOneMore hashtag campaign


Not one more what?

‘Highest praise': Obama manages to make nomination of Julian Castro a story about himself


Narcissist-in-Chief strikes again.

‘Hilarious!’ Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ‘birthmark’ is ‘proof’ Rolling Stone didn’t make historical mistake [pic]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Rolling Stone

“Well played.”

Oh, come on: Guess what Biden pal Julia Louis-Dreyfus thinks about on Valentine’s Day [pic]



‘She’s my date!’ Joe Biden not into sharing Julia Louis-Dreyfus [pics]


Apparently Joe Biden thinks he can do whatever he wants too!

Entire music world wonders: Why is Julia Roberts at the Grammys?


Why is Julia Roberts at the Grammy's? #GRAMMYs — Victoria Elizabeth (@Victoria_DeNada) January 27, 2014 In case you were wondering why “Why is Julia Roberts” was trending tonight: She presented an award at the Grammys. Music fans and industry folks didn’t think she quite fit in. Why is Julia Roberts introducing the greatest living […]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ e-cigarette cracks up #GoldenGlobes viewers [pic, GIF]


Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus puffing on an e-cigarette cracked up some #GoldenGlobe viewers tonight. Julia Louis-Dreyfus smoking that e-cig denying Reese Witherspoon a selfie is my favorite thing ever. #GoldenGlobes — Courtney Smith (@youneedahug) January 13, 2014 Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the win! Love her channeling Allison Dubois with her e-cig #RHOBH #GoldenGlobes — John R Oliveira […]

Singer M.I.A. points out something you might not have noticed about Julian Assange and Edward Snowden


Well, alright then. The observation from the singer/rapper came as news to nobody in particular. how very observant />@MIAuniverse: Not gonna lie Julian Assange and snowden are white! — Love♥Deluxe (@LoveFNDeluxe) December 30, 2013 Wait, really? RT @MIAuniverse: Not gonna lie Julian Assange and snowden are white! — T (@KrentDDS) December 30, 2013

‘Remember me?’ Obama mascot Julia joins ranks of those screwed over by O-care [pics]

grownup Julia

She’s back, all right. And reality bites: Hey ladies, take notes: This is the REAL Life of Julia under Obamacare —> — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) December 11, 2013 It seems like only yesterday that we were introduced to Julia, the creepily faceless face of government dependency. She thought she had it all, thanks to […]