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‘My new hero’: Sharyl Attkisson opens up about why she left CBS


Sharyl Attkisson joined CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning and opened up about why she left CBS.

Free press? Sharyl Attkisson blasts bullying Obama admin’s ‘chilling effect’ on reporting [video]


Did the White House threaten and intimidate?

Sharyl Attkisson dissects ‘evolving history’ of Benghazi talking points after House hearing


“Morell has now been hired by a PR firm operated primarily by former Hillary Clinton and Obama administration officials”

Sharyl Attkisson asks followers which news story deserves more coverage; Guess which one they chose


Three syllables come to mind.

‘Just brilliant’: Sharyl Attkisson retweet best sums up her departure from CBS News [pic]


“C” is for “credibility”

Brit Hume: Liberal culture of major network news has claimed scalp of Sharyl Attkisson


“All the best to her”

‘Journalistic integrity!’ Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson: ‘I have resigned from CBS’; Update: Due to network’s liberal bias?


“HUGE loss for CBS.”

‘Multitude of forces’: Sharyl Attkisson relays location of US Navy assets during Benghazi attack


The State Dept Accountability Review Board found that nothing more could be done than was done…in terms of military assistance.— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) February 12, 2014 The Obama administration has repeatedly stated that any military rescue of Americans on the ground in Benghazi during the 9/11 attack in 2012 was an impossibility because it didn’t […]

CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson addresses New York Times report on Benghazi


CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson addresses the New York Times’ report on Benghazi.

Sharyl Attkisson: ‘Do your own research’


CBS investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has been one of the few to report consistently on administration scandals such as Benghazi and Fast and Furious, so when she tweets, we listen. Tonight she’s encouraging her followers to do their own research to counter what she calls forces working to censor entire issues. You can often tell […]