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Fact-challenged liberal blogger Ezra Klein promises new way of delivering news

Ezra Klein, for those who don’t know, is a liberal blogger and so-called fact-checker who has a nasty habit of getting his facts wrong. Today, Klein announced he will be publishing a new site owned by Vox Media where he promises to provide readers with contextual information about the news. He made the announcement in a post at The Verge entitled “Vox is our next”:


Early last year, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias and I began wrestling with a question that had bugged all of us for a long time: why hadn’t the Internet made the news better at delivering crucial context alongside new information?

This year, we’re founding a new publication at Vox Media in order to do something about it.

Unfortunately, some of The Verge’s readers have no idea who Klein is or what he is talking about:

I’m not exactly sure what this article is about honestly & I feel alone in this sentiment. Can someone elaborate please.

I agree. I’ve read it twice, and I can’t seem to see any actual information about what this announcement means.

Off to a bad start, because I had the exact same question. Ironically this post is missing the necessary context.

Some people, on the other hand, understand all too well:


Klein will be joined at his new venture by Matthew Yglesias whose ridiculous “analysis” has become a running joke here at Twitchy.

A commenter at The Verge sums it up well:

[Klein’s new venture is] about the fact that two of the dimmest bulbs in modern ‘journalism’ are teaming up with the parent company of this blog to create another Huffington Post.

Truly groundbreaking stuff.

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