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Matt Yglesias lays down a marker of stupidity: ‘I had this Obamacare thing right all along’


What a tool.

‘Awesome lying’: Matt Yglesias’ hack-tastic debt tutorial and claim US ‘can’t run out of money’ shredded


Laying down another marker

‘Go Obamacare!’ Matt Yglesias joins desperate Dem spin of Florida election loss; Nick Searcy destroys


Dems’ argument that everybody would love Obamacare dismantled

‘Good to see Herb Tarlek working again’: Matt Yglesias’ suit triggers snark-a-lanche


“Suit brought to you by G.E.”

‘LOL’: Launch of Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias venture sponsored by corporation they’ve lambasted


“Dividends are evil”

‘Never gets old’: Stephen Kruiser shares time-honored Matt Yglesias tweet that’s still funny

Stephen Kruiser

This is not only still funny, but even funnier after another day has brought another Obamacare delay: .@mattyglesias Never gets old:— Steve K (@stephenkruiser) February 11, 2014 We’re going to lay down the marker: That tweet is like Caddyshack, because no matter how many times we see it we laugh just as hard.

Matt Yglesias joke confounds the folks at Visa


Twitchy favorite @exjon makes us laugh quite often, but it turns out that the folks at Visa don’t quite get his style of humor. Dear @Visa, A Harvard-grad economics blogger just told me that accumulated debt basically never matters. Please stop sending me bills. #thx— jon gabriel (@exjon) February 03, 2014 @exjon Jon. All Visa […]

Slate asks: Are you smarter than Matt Yglesias?


So, are you?

Matthew Yglesias: Feds should force Silicon Valley firms to move to Cleveland

Matt Yglesias

Somewhere, Hayek is rolling over in his grave.

‘Produce section? Salad bar!’ #ShoppingWithMattYglesias brings on the money-saving ideas

Matt Yglesias

Slate’s economics blogger, Matt Yglesias, shared a money-saving idea for Amazon shoppers that he uses. Yglesias advises online shoppers to sign up for a program called “Amazon Mom” (even if you’re a man with no kids), create a fake baby name, birth date, etc., and enjoy the savings. What other shopping pointers might Yglesias have? […]