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Matt Yglesias: Timing of Obama’s immigration announcement ‘downright clever’


Still a big fan.

Matt Yglesias: ‘Trust Russell Brand’ on economics of debt relief


“This is a Halloween prank, right?”

‘Irony is dead': Matt Yglesias has a bit of a self-awareness problem


“It’s adorable when @mattyglesias calls other people dumb.”

Instapundit has the perfect response to Matt Yglesias tweet


Credit Glenn Reynolds for crafting the perfect response.

‘Give it up, champ': Matt Yglesias can’t dig his way out of ‘Sopranos’ Vox-hole

Yglesias douche

“OMG, make it stop. My sides.”

Matthew Yglesias Voxsplains that cops in Ferguson are itching for a huge riot


When you’re a liberal, it’s always — always — the cops’ fault.

Matt Yglesias says President Gerald Ford is still alive, inspires #VoxAircraftCarriers


Voxsplain this one.

‘Ye gods’! Matt Yglesias, Vox working hard to ‘dumb down the rest of the world’

stupid alert

“There’s smart, then there’s Voxsmart.”

Another smart take! ‘Geography expert Matt Yglesias strikes again’ [photo]

Jason Alexander George Costanza

“Resolved: @mattyglesias is the George Costanza of online content editors.”

‘Put some ice on that': Matt Yglesias’ observation about pay and performance triggers snark


“Envy is not a good way to run a country.”

Matt Yglesias flogged with his own seven month old buffoonery


“For giggles”

‘Sanctimonious bigot’ Matt Yglesias thinks he’s got conservatives all figured out

Yglesias douche

Laying down the marker for stupidity.

‘If Iraq were a hotdog, would you eat it?’ Matt Yglesias wants to talk Iraq, tweeters pick his brain


“Is the white privilege in Iraq as bad as in America?”

Heh: Louis C.K. still fed up with Common Core after Matt Yglesias Voxsplains


Poor Matt opened himself up to yet another Twitter pantsing.

Matt Yglesias lays down a marker of stupidity: ‘I had this Obamacare thing right all along’


What a tool.

‘Awesome lying': Matt Yglesias’ hack-tastic debt tutorial and claim US ‘can’t run out of money’ shredded


Laying down another marker

‘Go Obamacare!’ Matt Yglesias joins desperate Dem spin of Florida election loss; Nick Searcy destroys


Dems’ argument that everybody would love Obamacare dismantled

‘Good to see Herb Tarlek working again': Matt Yglesias’ suit triggers snark-a-lanche


“Suit brought to you by G.E.”

‘LOL': Launch of Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias venture sponsored by corporation they’ve lambasted


“Dividends are evil”

‘Never gets old': Stephen Kruiser shares time-honored Matt Yglesias tweet that’s still funny

Stephen Kruiser

This is not only still funny, but even funnier after another day has brought another Obamacare delay: .@mattyglesias Never gets old: — Steve K (@stephenkruiser) February 11, 2014 We’re going to lay down the marker: That tweet is like Caddyshack, because no matter how many times we see it we laugh just as hard.

Matt Yglesias joke confounds the folks at Visa


Twitchy favorite @exjon makes us laugh quite often, but it turns out that the folks at Visa don’t quite get his style of humor. Dear @Visa, A Harvard-grad economics blogger just told me that accumulated debt basically never matters. Please stop sending me bills. #thx — jon gabriel (@exjon) February 3, 2014 @exjon Jon. All […]

Slate asks: Are you smarter than Matt Yglesias?


So, are you?

Matthew Yglesias: Feds should force Silicon Valley firms to move to Cleveland

Matt Yglesias

Somewhere, Hayek is rolling over in his grave.

‘Produce section? Salad bar!’ #ShoppingWithMattYglesias brings on the money-saving ideas

Matt Yglesias

Slate’s economics blogger, Matt Yglesias, shared a money-saving idea for Amazon shoppers that he uses. Yglesias advises online shoppers to sign up for a program called “Amazon Mom” (even if you’re a man with no kids), create a fake baby name, birth date, etc., and enjoy the savings. What other shopping pointers might Yglesias have? […]