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Amanda Marcotte confirms Twitchy living comfortably and rent-free in her spacious head

While celebrating the sale of Twitchy to Salem Communications yesterday, we thought we take some time to thank some of the more memorable, but dim-witted subjects of our posts. We wouldn’t want to be ungrateful for all the entertainment they’ve provided for us!


As far as we can tell, uber-liberal Amanda Marcotte got a few tweets from our dear Twitchy readers, but their gentle comments pierced her tissue-thin skin, so she lashed out with typical lefty scorn and bitterness:

Uhm, no.

Meow! Whatever is bothering the “feminist” this time, we hope she keeps tweeting!

Disclaimer: We cannot be accountable for the irresponsible and reckless tweeting that might result from our readers chiding Amanda after reading this post. Tweet with care.


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