Horrifying: Rabid pro-abort Amanda Marcotte likens pregnancy to colds, unborn babies to bacteria

Medusa Marcotte decided to crawl out of her lair this afternoon to spread her trademark feminist cheer and champion the murder of unborn children:

Gosh, she’s charming!

She’s also extremely gifted with analogies:

Being pregnant is analogous to having a cold? Who knew?

Marcotte’s logic is fascinating — and utterly insane:

It’s worth pointing out that the pro-science über-lefty doesn’t understand how antibiotics work:

Marcotte makes it look easy. She’s perfected the art of vicious, willful ignorance — which is how she managed to out-ass her asstastic self with this monumentally disgusting tweet:

What a miserable, loathsome cockroach she is.

That just about sums it up.

She’s depraved. God help that monster.



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