It seems that the zealotry of the anti-gun zombies cannot be satisfied. They will do whatever they can to destroy the Second Amendment rights of their fellow Americans — and they’re happy to snoop on their neighbors in an attempt to shame them.

While the official website of the Gun Geo Marker application pays insincere lip service to respecting our constitutional right to bear arms, the guidelines for judging a “danger” are absurd:

Bear in mind that these people are most often well meaning, thus as a concerned neighbor you might very well be able to educate them and therefore avoid marking their location. Sometimes new gun owners fall into emotional categories, such purchasing a gun out of fear, or to express an identity or some sense of personal power or strength that may be otherwise be lacking. Guns are marketed to our fears, and as identity props, in much the same way as home security systems and automobiles are. They can represent deeply personal issues for some, just as they represent useful tools for others. First time gun owners in particular may be putting their psychological needs in front of safety or financial concerns, making these particularly useful signs to look for.

So if you feel your neighbor bought a gun for the same fearful reason they bought a car, then you should report them as a “danger.”

It also encourages you to report people who you consider a “[p]ossible anti-government/terror threat” — too bad this wasn’t around the time of the American Revolution or they could have rounded up George Washington and his “anti-government” gun-slinging buddies!

What makes this app even more dangerous and unreliable than the public outing of gun owners by a New York newspaper is that it depends on anonymous testimonials from the public.

Of course this is all masked under the guise of protecting children — it’s just a coincidence that it follows exactly Eric Holder’s desire to shame gun owners into submission.


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