As Twitchy told you, this morning, Donald Trump once again took to Twitter to go after one of his favorite targets: the media. He’s certainly gotten some rough treatment from the MSM since clinching the GOP nomination last year, but if he’s looking for sympathy, this is the wrong way to get it:

That’s an indisputably awful take right there.

Progressive luminary Ezra Klein was also outraged at Trump’s rather threatening tone:

Threatening the media, whose freedom is enshrined in our Constitution, is certainly something an authoritarian would do. But it’s hard not to feel like Klein’s outrage is somewhat ironic considering the MSM’s nonchalance toward executive overreach when the executive doing the overreach has a (D) by his name.

Trump’s flirtation with authoritarianism should most definitely be called out. But don’t pretend certain presidents weren’t flirting with authoritarianism before he took the White House.

Authoritarianism is always bad — and intellectual honesty is always good. Simple as that.

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