What on earth would Lauren Duca do if she couldn’t be pissed off about something? On the heels of the news that the Trump administration doesn’t think employers should be forced to pay for employees’ birth control, Lauren just about lost it:

Gotta love all the so-called “empowered” women and feminists like Lauren whining because they might have to foot the bill for their own birth control.

Oh, dear Lord.

All Lauren does is talk about sexism. And the worst part is that she is evidently completely clueless as to what constitutes actual sexism. Paying for your own birth control is not sexism.

No one said they’re just about sex. But what they are is affordable, if you’re willing to, you know, go out and look.

OK, we can agree about that: “Angry feminist” is definitely redundant!

Don’t worry, Lauren. We have never once thought you were perfect. And we accept that. Also, you’re not Jesus.

Annnnd there it is.

It’s not as if we needed a reminder that Lauren Duca is so consumed with perpetual outrage that she has no clue what she’s talking about. But since she’s reminding us, we might as well point it out.

It’s in Planned Parenthood’s best interest to make sure that birth control is less accessible. Otherwise, fewer women would seek abortions and then how would they be able to afford their Lamborghinis?



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