OMG! The Trump administration figured out it’s wrong to force corporations to cover birth control because private industry is really none of their business? GET OUTTA HERE.

It’s about damn time.

And as you can imagine, pro-aborts and so-called women’s rights advocates have lost their ever-loving minds:

Unless those same women had to pay the huge spikes in premiums under Obamacare OR their taxes went up. Of course we’d expect nothing less from the magical accountants at Planned Parenthood who still insist tax dollars don’t pay for abortion.

Stop pretending women need the government to progress.


No, we’re not. Plenty of women are more than happy to be adults and be responsible for paying for their own birth control. Let’s be honest, if a woman can’t afford $9 at WalMart for her pills she probably shouldn’t be having sex anyway.

Fight back. *eye roll*


Right? Why are they complaining?

Planned Parenthood needs people to be ignorant, if more Americans woke up to the reality of what it is they do they’d be driven out of business.

Elections have consequences, PPact.

At least that’s what Obama always said.

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