We knew when the Trump administration rolled back the Obama birth control overreach that forced employers to pay for birth control, that today would be full of stupid on Twitter … and the #HandsOffMyBirthControl tag didn’t disappoint.

These people really think this way.

They do if you want employers to PAY FOR these decisions.

Luckily, pro-life advocates were front and CENTER to take the lies and narrative apart:

She’s so pretty.

Little Sisters of the Poor say thanks.


YES! She gets it!

And quitcherbitchin’.

Yeah, it’s pretty stupid that American women are having a hissy fit over having to pay for their own birth control. Women in the Middle East would likely flip us all off if we could see it through their burkas.

Women, right?

Shh, they’re rolling.

Silly, ain’t it?


DRAMA QUEENS: PPact has MASSIVE cow after Trump rolls back Obama’s birth control BS