We can’t decide whether someone needs to take Valerie Plame Wilson’s shovel away or whether we should let her keep it to see how much deeper she can dig herself.

More from Business Insider:

“I made a mistake and should not have retweeted that article,” Wilson said in an email. “I sincerely apologized. I was just so focused on the neocons lust for war: ‘If you liked the Iraq war, you’ll love an Iranian one.'”

She continued:

“On a personal note, one should not tweet while moving, 8 workmen are in a small space, the dog is going nuts, and kids are texting one asking for things they forgot for school. Social media very unforgiving.

I feel badly and will gladly shake the hand of anyone who has never made a mistake.”

The nerve of this woman.

Good Lord.

Honestly, who does she think she’s fooling?

Could’ve happened to anyone.



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