Respectable news networks have no room for a guy like Sean Spicer. He’s just not a credible guy, you know?


Since Spicer exited the White House, his representatives have been holding individual conversations about the possibility of President Donald Trump’s former flack joining one of the major TV networks, which include CBS News, CNN, Fox News, ABC News and NBC News.

But “they won’t touch him,” said a media industry executive familiar with those conversations.

“The news organizations might use him on roundtables, but [a paid exclusive contributor job] is not happening,” the executive added.

A number of network insiders who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect their business relationships said none of the networks were interested in hiring Spicer because of a “lack of credibility.”

Yeah, his lack of credibility is a huge problem for the MSM. *coughcoughcough*

We don’t wanna hear another word about “credibility” from these networks.



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