And bigger and bigger …

Yeah, this sounds promising:

The prevalence of mass shootings in America, such as the recent tragedy in Orlando, has put the country’s relationship with guns in the spotlight. While the Second Amendment protects citizens’ rights to bear arms, federal law requires firearm owners to be 21 and submit a background check when buying from a licensed dealer.

None of that is required, however, when purchasing guns from private sellers, the Daily Beastnoted. This makes a firearm easier to purchase than many things in the country including cigarettes, birth control and a number of foods.

Indeed, some foods require proof of age, are highly regulated by the American government, are only found in small quantities or require a significant amount of time and effort to acquire.


You know what we hate? Garbage “journalism” like this:

Of course it’s untrue. But why should that matter?

It really is.

Well, the president seems to believe it’s easier for kids to get access to guns than to books or computers. So.

Parting food for thought: