Uh-oh …

But … where does that leave Corey Lewandowski?

According to Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, Corey still has a very important role to play:

With Trump now the likely presumptive nominee for the GOP, Manafort’s new role is a natural growth of the campaign as they begin to build a team ready for the general election, according to the sources. The role is an obvious promotion for Manafort, but sources stressed it should not be seen as a demotion for campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks confirmed the move, adding that Lewandowski will, “continue overseeing day to day operations and will work with Manafort on political strategy and communications, among other things, through the general election.”

“Among other things”? Such as … ?

Well, he would be perfect for that job. But in all likelihood, this is probably the best he can hope for:




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