Whoa. Whoa.

The Des Moines Register posted a Q&A yesterday in which Sen. Ted Cruz revealed that his favorite movie is “The Princess Bride”:

Awesome, right? The guy’s got great taste in movies! But then, this happened:

Oh no he di’int!

“Um, I despise avocado. It’s the only food I dislike, and I dislike it passionately. Which is ironic, because I’m Cuban, and my dad grew up with avocado trees in his backyard. My whole family eats avocados like crazy, but I can’t stand them.”

No. Please. Say it ain’t so, Senator!

Paging #TeamAvocado!

Good taste would dictate that everyone would be on #TeamAvocado, but as it turns out, that’s not the case. Cruz’s confession also empowered his fellow traitors to come forward:


Whaaaaat? We don’t even know how to respond to that. So maybe now would be a good time for a little perspective:

Hmmmgood point.

Can’t argue with that.

Well, that’s true. And we’ve gotta admire Sen. Cruz for that, at least. But we’re still keeping our eye on him:



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