Garry Kasparov, former World Chess Champion, understands strategy better than most. Conservatives have come to admire his thoughtful, analytical approach to politics.

Today, he suggested that in drawing so much attention to the Obamacare website problems, the GOP has lost its focus:

And he shared some advice:

Kasparov underestimates the significance of the Obamacare “glitches” here.

Based on what we’ve seen and heard over the past several weeks, the website problems are definitely not “easy to fix”:

The staggering number of flaws with and state exchange sites deserve our attention and scrutiny. As this tweeter points out, they’re indicative of a system that is doomed to fail.

Bingo. If the government can’t even figure out how to properly run a website, how can we trust it to run our health care system? Kasparov stresses the importance of keeping sight of the big picture:

But we cannot forget that the devil is in the details.



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