Search results for “” 2.0? Reports allege software 'glitch' preventing F-35 from using its gun until 2019

“Best fighter jet”?

‘Ridiculous’: works ‘flawlessly’ says Obama

“Awkward and frustrating.”

President Obama says '7 out of 10 will save money' by revisiting

Weren’t nearly 10 out of 10 supposed to save up to $2,500?

Yale vs. Harvard brings out the #GameDaySigns (with bonus HealthCare.Gov mockery) [photos]

It’s on.

This Jonathan Gruber version of website is 'brilliant' [photo]

Beyond perfect.

Happy anniversary, you magnificent turd of an IT project!

A brief look at day-one of

Is this the most pathetic detail about the hacking?

Moving at the speed of snail.

Sharyl Attkisson: official instructed colleague to 'delete this email'


Sharyl Attkisson: Efforts to obtain documents ‘succeeding’

Doing the work the MSM refuses to do

HealthCare.Gov ‘glitch’ mockery reveals brutal truth? This is what’s really down for maintenance

What? Down again? Say it ain’t so. Local WashDC NBC says that is "down for maintenance." — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 31, 2014 Yep. As Twitchy reported, HealthCare.Gov was down again this morning just in time for deadline day! is down for maintenance on deadline day. Be patient America. 6 months to fix […]

President’s Funny or Die interview garners 19,000 clicks to

This afternoon, White House senior communications advisor Tara McGuinness noted that comedy site was the number one source of referrals to, thanks to President Obama’s prerecorded interview with comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis. Now, the Department of Health and Human Services is reporting that its number one source of referrals garnered 19,000 clicks through to […]

'How about no':'s latest ad fails to convince

We’ve seen and the various state insurance marketplaces try to ply the younger demographic with singing animals, “brosurance” and “hosurance,” and even ‘NSync. They might want to leave mom out of it, though — she doesn’t like Obamacare either. Mom tattoos are sweet, but she'd probably prefer you #GetCovered at — […]

Rep. Issa touts law to protect privacy; Citizens recommend more effective fix

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has voted to pass H.R. 3811. The bill would “require the Administration to notify consumers when their personal information has been compromised on”: READ MORE about how H.R. 3811 helps protect your personal information: — Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) January 13, 2014 Concerned citizens have […]

Snark alert! Martha MacCallum has question for (Bonus: Gorgeous new photos)

Beautiful brain power.

Airline wi-fi complaint prompts mockery from Obama ally Kal Penn

Jon Favreau, a former director of speechwriting for President Obama, complained that the wi-fi connections on his flights haven’t been working as the airline promised (that sound so familiar). Actor Kal Penn, a friend to the Obama administration, nevertheless couldn’t help but take a shot at @jonfavs it'll work by Dec 1st — Kal […]

Do developers feel better now that Walmart website has crashed?

There’s a slight difference.

‘Admitting defeat’: Web site developer live-tweets struggles with

Giving the “gauntlet” another run.

WH magically has visitor numbers; Truth-boom destroys claim

Cold hard truth.

Good news: #TheWebsiteIsWorking, sort of

It’s December — that means is fixed, right? White House spokesman Jay Carney wasn’t quite comfortable hanging a “Mission Accomplished” banner, but he did say the administration had passed an “important milestone” in getting the site up and running for the vast majority of Americans. Heck, the repair team is even “operating at private […]

Most transparent administration in history denies CBS News access to ‘fix’ locations

So, you want to know what the government is doing to “fix” the unmitigated disaster that is Sorry. That’s just not something that can be shared with the unwashed masses. Even CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson, a representative of a major mainstream news organization, can’t have a peek at the actual “fix sites” where all the king’s […] gets its own version of the ‘fail whale’ [Photoshop]

A suggested new “system overloaded” screen for by way of Photoshopper extraordinaire @Matthops82: Did anyone else get this screen when trying to log onto — Matt (@Matthops82) December 2, 2013 Ha! Those could be eight transport helicopters and they still wouldn’t be able to get that weight off the ground.

CMS conference call for update starts 40 minutes late; Cue mockery

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services scheduled a conference call to provide an update on the progress of the website. People who dialed into the call were kept waiting 40 minutes: Hopefully it's not a web conference. RT @PhilipAKlein: CMS call currently running 30 minutes late. — David Henry (@imau2fan) December 2, 2013 […]

Sally Kohn: is better than Best Buy; Lib idiocy unintentionally nutshelled

Sally Kohn tweeted out double absurdity today. So, there was that tweet: Work shmork! Who needs it? MT"@sallykohn:You don't need to work." Is MSNBC holding a contest for dumbest tweet? Or pandering to the base? — Bill VanGlahn (@billvanglahn) December 2, 2013 Zing! Unintentional honesty from Ms. Kohn? That was a double-down on idiocy after […] team claims to be ‘operating with private sector velocity’; Citizens shred

According to the Obama administration, the private sector was doing such a lousy job of administering health insurance that the government had to get involved. Now the team in charge of trying to make the government program work is, according to a CMS report, bragging about working at nearly the same speed and effectiveness as […]

‘Sick burn!’ Pat Sajak epically slams Left,; Bonus Amazon drone snark

Deliciously brutal.

‘Mission accomplished’? ‘Fixed’ is still full of fail [pics]

Wait, what? That can’t be! HHS told us that the revamp of has resulted in “dramatic improvement.” Mission accomplished and all! Period. Not according to attempted users of the website, however. The “fixed” site is still full of fail. So much for my testing the site: An error occurred while processing your […]

HHS claims ‘dramatic improvement’ of; Check out new front page [Photoshop]

Snort-worthy. As Twitchy reported, the debacle known as was “revamped” and is supposed to be working for the “vast majority” of people. Except, you know, it’s still causing headaches. But, hey! Tout it as a total success anyway, right Obama administration? What’s another lie? Period. JUST RELEASED: HHS reports “dramatic progress” in fixing health […]

‘Fixed’ still causing headaches for users

Yes, it’s Vast Majority Day, the day when should work smoothly for the “vast majority” of Americans. Of course, that’s not the official name for Nov. 30, the “drop-dead” date by which the “glitches” were to have been ironed out of the broken website. Happy #Obamacaid *Drop-Dead* Day! ~ — Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) […]

This revamped homepage is hilarious [Photoshop]

Today is the administration’s self-imposed deadline to roll out a properly functioning website. Is the site now free of those “glitches” that kept so many from being able to sign up? Now that poor Splash Page Stock Photo Girl has long gone missing, Caleb Howe has the perfect replacement model. @CalebHowe Too funny! Are […]

Kathleen Sebelius pushes #GetCovered as goes dark

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius posted a list of tips to finding insurance in a piece at the Huffington Post today, urging Americans to #GetCovered. The tips were also tweeted out by the official HHS account. Please RT these 5 #GetCovered shopping tips for for the holiday season:, — (@HHSGov) […]

ThinkProgress editor sees a sign that is working

Laughable spin from the masters of deception at ThinkProgress.

Sharyl Attkisson traces final days before doomed launch

We all know that is not just “glitchy” but terribly broken. Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has examined internal emails sent in the week leading up to the Oct. 1 launch of the site and found numerous internal concerns, including questions about “rapid degradation” and “immediate crashing” under performance testing. Govt. project mgr. Henry Chao […]

Dana Carvey has photo of tech team arriving

That’s one way to undo the train wreck that is

Incredible: Sebelius says she ‘feels like’ is safe

Complete fantasy.

Actor James Morrison accuses conservatives of hacking

Another truther.

Obama’s conference call on Obamacare goes about as well as rollout

Jonah Goldberg: numbers should hit 80% of projections, right?

White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed today that the White House has lowered the bar of success for “Technical difficulties” and other problems will keep 2 out of 10 Americans from signing up through the site, once it’s up and running like it’s supposed to, which is supposed to happen by the end of […]

Joe Biden gets ‘bitter clinger’ about Website will be fixed ‘God willing’

The Almighty might not appreciate being dragged into the mess that is the Obamacare rollout, but Joe Biden has promised that would be repaired with some help from on high. Today, according to a pool report, Biden made God part of the administration’s “tech surge”: They bitterly cling to their website and religion. RT […]

Pat Sajak knows the deadline for to be fixed

Nov. 31? We see what you did there, Mr. Sajak. If you like that date, you can keep that date. But what’s happening until then? OMG, just spotted Alec Baldwin! Going to snap a few iPhone shots. Sure he won't mind. — Pat Sajak (@patsajak) November 16, 2013 We’d recommend waiting until you’ve signed up […]

Media Matters’ Oliver Willis joins the Truther brigade

Two fruit loops short of a full bowl.

New math on the block: Donnie Wahlberg's estimate about share of expense a little off; Updated

It’s the thought that counts, right? Update: Wahlberg deleted the above tweet, but Twitchy is forever: If that were correct, the total might be closer to resembling the total final cost of the Obamacare train wreck: @DonnieWahlberg Uh, because that would be 600 quadrillion dollars? — Gary Schare (@gschare) November 15, 2013 Update: Submitted […]

Wheel of Boom! Pat Sajak unleashes one hell of a tweet

Paul Begala: HealthCare.Gov 'glitches' no big deal compared to Typhoon disaster

There’s a shining endorsement.

Twitter finds perfect replacement for HealthCare.Gov website 'glitch girl'

Goodbye Adriana, hello Vader-guy!

Shocker: 'unlikely to work by end of month'


Good news: Upgrades to make site almost sort of usable

Wow, many people can now successfully create an account on Considering the site went live on Oct. 1, that doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade. We suppose you take good news where you can get it, but really? This is good news? @HealthCareGov yay — Cameron Smith (@cameronnjsmith) November 12, 2013 .@healthcaregov HAHAHA! […]

Pat Sajak knows what's holding up progress on

Zing! We wondered why we hadn’t heard anything yet about being fixed and ready to rock. @patsajak AHA!! That explains it! They've been sniffing mimeograph fluid! — Susan (@VoiceofaPatriot) November 12, 2013 @patsajak You know only us older guys are going to know what mimeograph fluid is. They took a pint of it out […]

Syrian Electronic Army offers to help fix site

Just yesterday, President Obama jokingly revealed that he’d like to fix the broken website himself, “but I don’t write code.” Last month, it was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team that tweeted (and then deleted) an offer to help the government fix Earlier this week, a similar offer came from an even more unusual source: the […]