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Happy anniversary, you magnificent turd of an IT project!


A brief look at day-one of

Is this the most pathetic detail about the hacking?


Moving at the speed of snail.

Sharyl Attkisson: official instructed colleague to ‘delete this email’



Sharyl Attkisson: Efforts to obtain documents ‘succeeding’


Doing the work the MSM refuses to do

HealthCare.Gov ‘glitch’ mockery reveals brutal truth? This is what’s really down for maintenance


What? Down again? Say it ain’t so. Local WashDC NBC says that is "down for maintenance." — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 31, 2014 Yep. As Twitchy reported, HealthCare.Gov was down again this morning just in time for deadline day! is down for maintenance on deadline day. Be patient America. 6 months to fix […]

President’s Funny or Die interview garners 19,000 clicks to


This afternoon, White House senior communications advisor Tara McGuinness noted that comedy site was the number one source of referrals to, thanks to President Obama’s prerecorded interview with comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis. Now, the Department of Health and Human Services is reporting that its number one source of referrals garnered 19,000 clicks through to […]

‘How about no':’s latest ad fails to convince


We’ve seen and the various state insurance marketplaces try to ply the younger demographic with singing animals, “brosurance” and “hosurance,” and even ‘NSync. They might want to leave mom out of it, though — she doesn’t like Obamacare either. Mom tattoos are sweet, but she'd probably prefer you #GetCovered at — […]

Rep. Issa touts law to protect privacy; Citizens recommend more effective fix


House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has voted to pass H.R. 3811. The bill would “require the Administration to notify consumers when their personal information has been compromised on”: READ MORE about how H.R. 3811 helps protect your personal information: — Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) January 13, 2014 Concerned citizens have […]

Snark alert! Martha MacCallum has question for (Bonus: Gorgeous new photos)


Beautiful brain power.

Airline wi-fi complaint prompts mockery from Obama ally Kal Penn


Jon Favreau, a former director of speechwriting for President Obama, complained that the wi-fi connections on his flights haven’t been working as the airline promised (that sound so familiar). Actor Kal Penn, a friend to the Obama administration, nevertheless couldn’t help but take a shot at @jonfavs it'll work by Dec 1st — Kal […]

Do developers feel better now that Walmart website has crashed?


There’s a slight difference.

‘Admitting defeat': Web site developer live-tweets struggles with


Giving the “gauntlet” another run.