As Twitchy reported, lefty MSM-ers were beside themselves yesterday after seeing a photo of a Confederate flag-carrying doofus at the Million Vets March in D.C. And, just like the breathless Salon, Politico’s Roger Simon somehow managed to turn one protester into a seething, racist swarm:


What? No. Of course not! He knows that one guy doesn’t represent all the veterans who showed up to protest the ridiculous Barrycades, right?

He knows that veterans aren’t marching for the restoration of the Confederacy … which is why he reiterated that the Confederate flag proves the protesters are racist:


That would certainly explain lefties’ perpetual butthurt.

Let’s take a look at Simon’s brand of logic:

Well, Roger?

It truly is amazing.

Here’s all we really need to know:

One idiot.



Guess Simon wasn’t finished yet:

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