As Twitchy reported, San Diego mayor and serial groper Bob Filner has announced that he’ll be checking himself into rehab for two weeks to “become a better person.” That prompted Ace to wonder just what sort of program therapists have lined up:

That. Is. Inspired. Could it get any better? As a matter of fact, yes.

During Filner’s presser, Anthony Weiner, too, was briefing the public. Which got Ace to wondering: what about Weiner? He’s been to rehab. How has that worked out?


Ah, Ace. Ever the optimist!

Meanwhile, let’s see what Bob’s up to:

Carlos Danger’s still busy:

Hate it when that happens.

It’s a bicoastal effort between Weiner and Filner. Hands across America!

Yeah, check out that creepy-lecher overbite Filner’s got going on. Rehab won’t be easy.

You know what they say: Pervy Dems will be pervy Dems!

Fortunately, these guys are huggers. And there’s always room for one more in their growing club:

Tickle party!



Ace illustrates Democrat mayor’s war on women with #BobFilnerPickUpLines

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