Liberals are nothing if not gluttons for punishment. Time after time, they think they’ve struck gold with a hashtag, and time after time, happy conservative warriors expertly take it over. Libs should know better. But they don’t. And once again, they’ve fallen victim to an epic hijacking.

Earlier this week, lefty geniuses came up with the oh-so-inspired #ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut hashtag. Entries include gems like this:

That is, like, so deep — and so ripe for a good, old-fashioned hijacking. And that’s exactly what’s happened. Conservatives and Republicans seized the opportunity to dole out some inconvenient truth to those self-righteous liberal drones:

The hijacking alone would have been enough. But since when has the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy ever stopped at just good enough? Conservatives launched a hashtag counterattack of their own:

Amen to that.