Congressional Democrats on are on a mission to demonize the GOP in the midst of fiscal cliff negotiations. But, while they’ve made sure to paint Republicans as unserious obstructionists, they haven’t quite covered all their bases. Thankfully, Star Jones is around to bat clean-up. Clutching her precious race card, Jones accused the GOP of preventing a fiscal cliff solution out of spite for the “BROWN man in the WHITE House.” Of course.

Simpering tools nodded furiously in agreement:

That’s a lotta percents!

There’s simply no other explanation for Republicans’ frustration with the president!

They do, actually. A deeply flawed man.

Fortunately, not all of her followers were willing to view Washington through race-colored goggles:

Jones’ nonsense about “salty” Republicans has certainly left a sour taste in our mouths. But she’s cool with that. Because she lives in The Truth:

Pathetic. This Star has lost her luster.



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