As Twitchy reported, over the weekend, New York’s Journal News published an interactive map pinpointing all legal handgun permit holders — names and addresses included — in Westchester and Rockland Counties. In doing so, the Journal News not only violated personal privacy but also essentially put those who live in gun-free households at risk. Editor and VP CynDee Royle, responsible for publishing the story, proudly stands by her decision to violate others’ personal safety … by bravely running away.

In a blatant example of “for me, but not for thee” syndrome, Royle has deleted her Facebook profile and maintains a protected Twitter account, meaning only those whom she approves can access her deep, thoughtful tweets. Perhaps Royle just doesn’t have the guts to face the righteous indignation of gun rights advocates.

Many people are calling for Royle’s personal information to be published (some have already published it). We will not be linking to any of it. Unlike Ms. Royle, we don’t subscribe to the Spike Lee School of Intimidation.

(Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fools)