Earlier this fall, Salon writer and white guilt purveyor David Sirota flipped his lid, accusing conservatives of criticizing Obama because of white privilege. Today, he picked right up where he left off, donning his trusty race goggles and whining about the latest raaaaaaaacist ad from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads:

Did you catch that? All the white people, that is? In the few seconds featuring people who were not the president, there was not a single person of color! Thankfully, Sirota is on the case:

As you can see … Rove presents the image of an African-American man as an evildoer, referring to him as the tax-raising “he,” and pitting him against the “we” in classic demagogic “us versus them” terms.

Now before you explain that away as non-racial partisanship against a Democratic president rather than coded racial messaging, remember one additional point: In the ad, almost all of the “we” who allegedly oppose tax increases just so happen to be white people. That’s right, save for possibly one or two factory workers blurred in the background of a single shot (I say “possibly” because their ethnicity isn’t clear), all of the “we” who Rove implies are against tax increases — all who are shown while the voiceover says “we need ideas we can all support” — are white. (In all, there are 12 people representing the “we” against Obama — and at most two or three of them are people of color, and that assumes those in question aren’t white, which, again, is unclear. Bottom line: the montage of “we” in the ad is obviously designed to be a montage of White America.)


Sirota insisted that the ad was spawned by the same kind of racism supposedly contained in the GOP’s Southern Strategy of appealing to racist whites and purportedly cherished by former GOP strategist Lee Atwater. Lee Doren attempted to set the record straight:

But facts are hard when there’s a point to be made. Sirota may take issue with the truth, conservatives know better, and they called him out for his race-baiting idiocy:


Good question!




Even liberals couldn’t help facepalming:

When you’ve lost Oliver Willis

One would hope that the criticism from both sides of the aisle might give Sirota pause about his race-baiting proclivities, but alas, no. Sirota doubled down:

Does Sirota really believe people out there take him seriously? Really? Really? Wow.

Jim Treacher graciously put the stompy-footed screamer into a nutshell:


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