What took her so long? Now that the election is over and she can take a break from fantasizing about tripping and slapping Mitt Romney, she’s free to weigh in on current events.

Well, guess she’s not quite over the slapping part. But hey. At least now she’s also thinking about the impending fiscal cliff!

After nearly four years of an Obama presidency and even longer with a Democratic Senate majority, it’s time for Terry to stop pointing the finger at Republicans. What are Obama and the Democrats doing to prevent America from hurtling over the fiscal cliff? Meeting with MoveOn.org. Going on $4 million vacations. Hitting the fairway. Proposing new spending and an unlimited debt ceiling. If that’s the kind of leadership she’s looking for, we’re not interested.

Seems to us that Terry never left the playground.

What liberals like McMillan don’t seem to realize is that not raising tax rates does not constitute a tax cut. The GOP, in theory, at least, believes that people who have earned their money are entitled to keep it. Duh.

Unfortunately, she didn’t stick around long enough to enlighten us any further.

We can only assume she means mentally.



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