As Twitchy reported yesterday, Hurricane Sandy has spawned a flood of fake disaster photos. And tonight, smarter-than-you race-baiting 9/11 truther and MSNBC contributor Touré fell for one of them. Hard.

The mockage was swift and glorious:

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Praise. Jeebus.

Lo and behold, Touré tried to cover his tracks:

Neither is Touré. About anything. But the backpedaling came too late; the damage was done.

Oh, but we did. And damn, it felt good.



Rut-roh … somebody’s cranky!

He got “dissed” because he matters? That’s one way to look at it. Unfortunately for him, it’s the wrong way. Touré got dissed because his prized pair of smartypants is full of holes.

We hope he enjoys the “conpliment.”

To be fair, coherence was never Touré’s strong suit. He is a 9/11 truther, after all.




Touré’s delusion has reached new heights: he is now convinced that Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin is in love with him. No, really:

Oh. Dear. Lord.

But the entertainment value is through the roof. Don’t stop now, Touré. We’re having way too much fun.