In advance of tonight’s presidential debate, the Democrats are desperately working overtime to paint Romney as bumbling and inexperienced. In other words, they want to project President Obama’s shortcomings onto his opponent. That’s an uphill battle, as Obama has spent the last four-plus years showcasing his inexperience and ineptitude. Faced with the reality of Obama’s quickly fading star, Democrats launched the #RomneyNotReady hashtag:

Even John Kerry, heaved under the blame bus after the president’s disastrous first debate performance, got in on the action. He sent out a memo meant to highlight Romney’s shortcomings:

We have that steady and strong leader today in President Obama. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, offers nothing but endless bluster and a record of dangerous blunders, failing at every turn to show he’s up to the challenge. In fact, Governor Romney has outlined fewer specific policies for how he would lead on national security issues than any presidential candidate in my memory. He is an extreme and expedient candidate who lacks the judgment and vision so vital for the Oval Office, and he’s at the top of the most inexperienced foreign policy ticket to run for president and vice president in decades.

It is astonishing that Romney has run for president for six years and never once bothered to put forward a plan to end the war in Afghanistan, for example, or to formulate a policy to go after alQaeda. Romney, who once even said “a president is not a foreign policy expert,” appears unprepared to be either. It’s even more astonishing that Governor Romney took a foreign policy trip overseas and failed to outline any policy – but managed to insult America’s closest ally.

Tonight, Governor Romney will be asked to answer specific questions about what he would do differently to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, how he thinks he would do a better job of working with our allies and partners around the world, and how he can credibly claim he will stand up to China on behalf of American workers given his record of doing the opposite. Below are some of the more specific unanswered questions the American people should listen for tonight.

Kerry proceeded to lay out a set of six foreign policy questions he feels Romney should be able to answer, questions that Obama himself wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

Obama’s own failings are of no consequence to liberals, who gladly ran with the hashtag:

Conservatives took up the hashtag as well, to draw attention to the many mistakes Obama has made — mistakes that President Romney would not repeat: