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MSNBC melts down into a puddle of racist garbage over SCOTUS' affirmative action ruling

Sarah D.

It was a given that if the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in college admissions, progressives would flip out. 

And now that the Supreme Court has struck down affirmative action in college admissions, 6 to 3, progressives are indeed flipping out. And if regular progressives are flipping out, you know that the progressives in the MSM are having an especially bad time today.


The New York Times is definitely not taking this well.

But if you think the New York Times is looking pretty hysterical and not-so-subtly racist right now, just wait until you see how MSNBC is taking the news. It's ... well, it's something.

These are not reasonable or sane people. Which, of course, is why they're on MSNBC.


Why wouldn't there be many black lawyers or doctors or accountants in the future? Are they not just as capable of succeeding on their own merits as white or Asian or Jewish students? Is Coleman suggesting that black students just can't hack it without being treated as though they're inherently less than?

Except the data don't seem to support that assertion:

And yet here are these clowns on MSNBC trying to argue the opposite and on top of that find something sinister in organic diversity.


You know what else is missing from MSNBC right now? More than a few screws.


Uh ... say what, now?

Holy racism, Batman.

These are not serious people. And speaking of people who aren't serious people, you know what this conversation really needs? Al Sharpton. Let's get him in here!

Al Not-So-Sharpton doing what he does best: being a race-hustling moron.

He hears himself just fine. What he doesn't do is actually listen to what he's saying.


None of the jackholes on MSNBC today are actually listening to what they're saying. That's how they can say insanely stupid and racist and straight-up false things without feeling even an ounce of shame or guilt.


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