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Shovel-ready Brian Krassenstein defends self against @LibsofTikTok by ... digging his grave even deeper

Sarah D.

Woof. Yesterday was a bad day for Brian Krassenstein. Actually, it was a really bad day for Brian Krassenstein.

After @LibsofTikTok tweeted out the Post Millennial's video of naked cyclists flashing their peens at little kids at the Seattle Pride Parade, Brian got angry — at @LibsofTikTok. In fact, he got a lot angrier at @LibsofTikTok than he did at the men who had exposed themselves to little kids. What's the big deal? In Brian's experience, little kids see grown men naked all the time!


Anyway, as we said before, yesterday was a really bad day for Brian Krassenstein. Now, shame would dictate that he'd want to back off a little bit. Maybe take some time to re-evaluate his life. Or maybe just go into hiding.

But because this is Brian Krassenstein we're dealing with, that's not what he did. He just picked up a few more shovels and that hole even deeper:

He's apparently a big fan of the long tweets:

So ... this is still @LibsofTikTok's fault, then? How, exactly?

It should go without saying that those messages Krassenstein appears to have received are unacceptable and disgusting. But it should also go without saying that @LibsofTikTok didn't trick Krassenstein into defending the naked men; Krassenstein did that all on his own. And for him to blame @LibsofTikTok for the backlash he received is also unacceptable and disgusting.


Not to mention just plain dumb.

You mean the same conversation in which you repeatedly painted @LibsofTikTok as the bad guy for informing people about what happened and minimized the impact that exposure to naked men can have on young kids, Brian? That conversation?

Again. Brian is again blaming the people who drew attention to the perverts rather than the perverts themselves. This is now officially a pattern with him.

Ew. But the point still stands.

Wait ... that's ew, too. Oh well.


Probably really hard. Like, breathless and doubled-over hard. And then, if his lawyer was smart, he wished Brian good luck in finding a new lawyer.




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