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Brian Krassenstein is disgusted at @LibsofTikTok for exposing naked men waving their junk in kids' faces

Things got a bit rowdy at the Seattle Pride Parade yesterday. OK, actually they got really rowdy. But that's just par for the course these days, isn't it?

Pride parades used to be about gay people taking a day to show that they're out there being themselves, just marching in the streets in celebration of who they are and in defiance of bigotry. They were about gay adults, for gay adults. Pride parades weren't a family activity.


But now, it's not a Pride parade — or any Pride event, really — unless there are little kids present to revel in members of the LGBTQ+ community waving their genitals in those kids' faces. And sadly, that's not just a sick visual crafted by LGBTQ-phobic bigots; that's reality.

@LibsofTikTok posted a video yesterday of a disturbing scene from Seattle Pride, featuring children who shouldn't have been anywhere near the festivities:

Now, a sane person of any political or sexual persuasion sees that and is immediately horrified and disgusted that grown men are gleefully showing their penises to little kids.

But Brian Krassenstein sees that and is immediately horrified and disgusted by @LibsofTikTok for posting the disturbing video to inform people of what's actually going on:

Here's Krassenstein's full tweet:

How dare @LibsofTikTok posts videos showing naked men exposing themselves to children at a Pride parade! There could be 13-year-old kids on Twitter! Posting the video is way worse than the fact that there were naked men exposing themselves to children at a Pride parade!


That's weird, Brian. You know that, right?

Narrator: Brian didn't know that. Or at least he didn't care:

Again, you really need to see the full tweet:

Sorry ... what? 

It seems like Brian is really, really going out of his way to defend naked guys getting in little kids' faces. And, last time we checked, defending that sort of thing was quite creepy, and maybe even indicated that the person doing the defending had maybe a more personal interest in defending it.

That's what he's doing, guys.

This is sick stuff. Brian Krassenstein has a history of being awful, but this might be the most objectively icky thing he's done so far.


That is what Brian is confirming, yes. And he's still making @LibsofTikTok and anyone who wants to protect kids from sexual predators out to be the bad guys.

Legit messed up.

So is Brian Krassenstein. Leave it to him to find new ways to out-creep himself.j

He absolutely does.

Editor's note: This post mistakenly said that the footage of the cyclists was censored. It was most definitely not censored (unfortunately).






Brian Krassenstein only owns *himself* in response to Travis Tritt ditching Anheuser-Busch products


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