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Donald Trump has been slapped with indictment number two, in this case for mishandling classified documents after he had left office. Naturally, the media aren’t even trying to contain their excitement.


But as thrilled as they are, they’ve still got nothing on the Grande Dame herself, Hillary Clinton, who has chosen to mark this very special occasion with a very special tweet:

It’s not enough that she’s still trying to get people to send her money; she’s got to remind everybody just how very special she is, too. So much more special than any of you.


A menace who continues to have a huge platform she can use to menace us.

There’s shameless, and then there’s Hillary-Clinton-shameless. Good Lord, this effing woman …

She’s definitely helping herself. Though she’s at least helping to build the case against her for a future DOJ under a Republican president who’s actually willing to clean house (we can dream). Not the strategy we’d be taking if we were her, but Hillary gonna Hillary.

As always, she knows the exact wrong time to do the exact wrong thing.


We certainly wouldn’t stand in the way.

That’s our Hillary. Some things never change.

It’s certainly a bold strategy, isn’t it?

More from Guy Benson:

 The most relevant and apt comparison here is not Biden’s conduct; it’s Hillary Clinton’s.  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set up a bootleg, totally impermissible private email server. She did so for personal and political convenience. She put reams of highly classified and sensitive national security-related material at severe risk.  She almost certainly compromised secrets.  Then she lied about it, provably and incessantly, after she got caught.  And her team destroyed evidence.  What she did was egregious.  It was as bad, if not worse, than anything Trump is accused of, based on what we know thus far.  She should have been charged with crimes, based on clear-cut violations, plus malice aforethought. That’s how I saw it then, as did many legal observers, and I said so. But she was famously not charged.  She ended up paying an historic political price for her self-serving recklessness, negligence and mendacity, but she was spared a criminal prosecution.

To charge Trump for similarly egregious behavior (again, let’s see the evidence) within the exact same realm doesn’t just suggest a double standard — it screams it.  That may not matter vis-a-vis the law, based on the particular facts of this case, when considered in isolation.  But politics and public perception aren’t formed in isolation.  The context matters a lot.  With roughly half the country already perceiving the Justice Department as a politically biased, and not without reason, the ‘two tiers’ argument is only strengthened, also not without reason.  That is quite dangerous.  Whether this counts as ‘inconsistent standards’ or ‘weaponization’ is parsing.  The fact is that the previous Democratic DOJ declined to indict the leading Democratic presidential candidate despite an appalling fact pattern, and now the subsequent Democratic DOJ is indicting the leading Republican presidential candidate over an equivalently appalling fact pattern.  Making this observation isn’t whataboutism.  It’s aboutism.  Especially in light of the current climate and the high stakes involved, this is enormously important.  Some may not want to acknowledge it, but it’s the truth.


That was published almost an hour before Hillary Clinton’s tweet. In case you were wondering where her head was at.

She did lose to Donald Trump, didn’t she? As irritated as we are with how awful she is, it’s important to remember that she is a loser and will ultimately always be a loser.

We never tire of thinking about that.

America dodged one hell of a bullet.

And thank goodness for that.



Hillary Clinton is ‘more tired of talking about [her emails] than anyone,’ but Donald Trump and MAGA have left her with no choice



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