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Wesley Yang zeroes in on what it means for Wash. to force women's spa to admit nude intact biological men

Best of luck to anyone who’s still living in Washington State. Especially anyone who takes issue with being forced to welcome a naked man into a women’s environment. Looks like those people are just SOL now.


At least if this story is any indication:

More from Reduxx:

Haven Wilvich had sought a membership at the Olympus Spa in January of 2020, but had been denied on the basis that he had not undergone “gender reassignment” surgeries and his penis was fully intact.

In March of 2021, the [Washington State Human Rights Commission] served the spa with a Notice of Complaint of Discrimination and asked the owners to respond to the claim they had acted in a discriminatory manner. Sun Lee drafted a statement standing by their women-only rule.

Two weeks later, the WSHRC ruled that the spa had violated Washington anti-discrimination law, stating that the female-only policy “denies services to transgender women who have not had surgery … because their physical appearance is not ‘consistent’ with the traditional understanding of biological women.”

In March of 2022, Olympus Spa sued Andreta Armstrong, the executive director of the Washington State Human Rights Commission, asserting that the actions taken against them violated their First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of association.

But a Washington District Court dismissed their lawsuit on Monday, upholding the ruling by the WSHRC and affirming that the measures taken to prevent the spa from having a female-only policy were lawful.


Just FYI, here’s the pre-transitioned “tall, bearded transfemme” known as Caleb Wilvich, who, as a trans woman with fully intact male genitalia, decided to go after the spa owners because they didn’t feel comfortable allowing someone like xer into a space reserved for nude women — and with whom Washington’s government sided over the Christian spa owners and all of the spa’s female patrons:

Think maybe the owners of Olympus Spa had a point?

Conservative writer Wesley Yang — like any reasonable person who gives a damn about women’s welfare — is nothing short of disgusted that hardworking immigrant business owners’ livelihoods are at stake because they believe in the truth of biological sex. And he put together a caustic thread to highlight the absolute insanity of this story as well as its disturbing social implications:


Here’s the full text of that tweet:

Some authoritative body — perhaps SCOTUS — will eventually have to render a definitive ruling on the question “What is a Woman?”

Photo collages like these are important — not because these folx are the modal “transwoman,” but rather because the definition that the Washington States Human Rights Commission and a federal district court judge just enforced (“all self-identified women regardless of surgery or genitals”) is necessarily inclusive of all these people in these pictures and it is thus important to see what that definition means in practice.


And the full text of that last tweet:

This is what we are urging women to welcome into their intimate spaces — and indeed, if we recognize gender self-ID as the Biden Administration and Democratic Party and affiliated educational and cultural apparatuses are working tirelessly to grant — it is what no women will have a right to say no to.

This is about more than just an attention whore trying to browbeat innocent people into submission; this is about state-sanctioned — state-mandated, really — threats to business owners and endangerment of women and girls.

At the risk of sounding like broken records, we’ll say it again: This has to stop. People have already gotten hurt and will continue to get hurt as long as far-Left policies are allowed to stand and spread.


This has to stop.



Fed-up parent offers a look at what first-graders in Wash.’s Edmonds School District are learning about gender [pic]


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